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Ideal for backyards, weddings, and any tented event where you want to create the perfect atmosphere.

Eureka!'s Rustic Bistro String Light Sets offer a great way to add ambiance, soft lighting and atmosphere for your next event.

Popular at more and more events, the Rustic Bistro String Light Sets are an easy addition for decor and for your installation crew. Each strand is 48' long with 24-bulbs and sockets are spaced 24" apart. Made from durable super high-quality suspended black wire and drop-sockets, each light set comes complete with 11W vintage-inspired Edison bulbs.


  • 48' Length with 24 drop sockets, spaced every 2'
  • Comes with 24 Vintage 11W bulbs
  • Standard 2-prong plug, and end-to-end connectable (up to 5 strands using 11W bulbs)
  • Drop length from cord to socket is 3 1/2"
  • Maximum load per socket is 25W
  • Maximum Wattage Capacity is 1440W (when connecting strands)
  • 11W Bulbs=5 connected strands
  • 15W Bulbs=4 connected strands
  • 25W Bulbs=2 connected strands
  • Suspension/hanging cable is recommended for installation
  • Box of 12 Extra Replacement Bulbs sold separately


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Rustic Bistro String Light Set